Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Open Waters!

After leaving the bustling city of Juneau, I found my self on the open waters with the Coast Guard. My day consisted of open water rescues, man over board drills and fire drills. I was under the assumption i would be under their guidance for a couple of weeks. But, to my surprise, it was just one day! I was dropped off at the National Geographic Sea Bird vessel the following day where i began my stint my new family. Upon arrival to the ship, i was immediately given a life vest and told to hop on the zodiac (small inflatable boat with engine) to get up close and personal with Tracy Arm Glacier! This place is stunning! There is wildlife everywhere. I crossed paths with Bald Eagles, Arctic Rovers (a pretty white bird), Seals lounging on floating ice caps and one giving birth! Today was a great day! And now, im sipping on a Makers Mark and ginger ale...life is good :) I'll catch up with you all soon! Tomorrow, includes hiking and kayaking in Petersburg Cove. Should be fun! Talk to you all soon!

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  1. Sounds like fun Shawn. Did you take any pictures of the little birdies? I bet you would love to have a .22 long rifle with all them birds around. The "Uncle Billy" isnt a sick nickname, it is what I was ID'd as on Mia's blog. Have fun and have a drink for me.

    PB Krakz