Friday, June 17, 2011

2 Weeks In!

Its been about a week since ive been able to have time to sit down for a moment and reflect about my days on the Sea Bird. The past week has been filled with an abundance of wildlife. From Humpback and Killer Whales to Brown Bear and Sea Lions. All of which i have been seeing on a regular bases but it still doesn't get old. Each time a whale breaches the surface or a bear is on shore hunting for salmon, I run for my camera like a kid running down the isle of their favorite toy store. There are so many opportunities for pictures here and being that im in the company of some of the best in photography I get fantastic schooling, for free. Im currently in Petersburg, Alaska. Its a small fishing village that has the occasional hardware and grocery store, the small mom and pop diner and the smells of the freshest seafood being loaded off the docks onto shore. Tonight I will set sail again and make my wake back into the town of Juneau again by Sunday morning where i will again be able to get my land legs back and do some town walking. Surprisingly, my sea legs are good. Ive only managed to trip over my own two feet once! Ive been told thats a good sign, for a greenhorn such as myself! Tonight, I will book my travel home through the Seattle, office. As of right now, I will be home either July 10th or the 11th. I miss you all and will talk to and see you all soon! :-)

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  1. Shawn, are you coming home because your training period is up or did you get fired already? Love the pics, see you soon.

    Phat Billy Krakz