Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Made It!

So, i made it to Juneau, Alaska, where i will be spending the month aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird vessel. The boat is small, as you can see. But, im ready! After a short stay in "sunny" (usually rainy) Seattle, Washington I boarded Alaskan Air and commenced the next chapter of my life. The landscape and population diversity in Juneau is quite different than good ole" Poughkeepsie! Ive never seen so much flannel! Except for in the trunk of my Subaru Outback Wagon. :) Soon after I checked into my hotel room, i met Trevor (the very friendly crossing guard in front of my hotel) who eagerly pointed me in the direction to the best pint of beer in town at "The Alaskan". The beer was cold and the music was not Britney Spears. I think its time for a King Crab sandwich. I'll be back...

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